Savia Digital


This system includes two applications: the corporate Web site for Savia Digital, an Ecuadorian digital services company and a module for massive SMSs sending, which is one of the services they offer. Highlights For SMSs sending a local provider's API is used. This service was developed using an obsolete technology, so, I had to develop [...]

Elements Management System


Front-end of the Location Based System (LBS) from Telefónica, Security Engineering. It's implemented in the following operations until now: CNT Ecuador, Movistar Ecuador and Movistar Colombia. This application allows the LBS to have a friendly and functional interface for monitoring its network elements as well as for showing working stats. Highlights Stats are taken from [...]

Blue Future


Corporate Web site for the Closed Provident Fund Supplemental Unemployment "Porvenir Azul (blue future)". It contains relevant info for the general public, and for the fund partners, which are the employees at Telefónica. Highlights The application includes a credit and a saves simulator. With them the user can calculate the value of the installments to [...]

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